TRENDiY Art Beaded Chains Review (Ohio Art)

What It Is

TRENDiY Art Beaded Chains is a beaded chain jewelry making kit with instructions that double as a fashion-forward mini magazine with translations in both English and French. Directions on how to make on-trend beaded chain bracelets and necklaces are included at the front of the guide/magazine. Before you start designing, you may need to trim your bracelet or necklace to size. As the instructions say-ask an adult for help, it's difficult cutting the metal wire so you'll need some sharp scissors for the job. Then cut the black cord and colored threads to the sizes indicated. Knot the strings together and string on a jump ring with lobster clamp attached. Tie a slip knot around the top on the chain under the first chain bead. Then twist the colored strands together and wrap them around the chain beads and black cord, making sure to hold them in place. Once you reach the end make a double knot with the black cords, string on another jump ring, and cut the tails. The guide also includes instructions for slightly more complex techniques as well.

Once complete, kids can continue to flip through the magazine for more fashion tips, trends, and even a recipe for cupcakes.

Is It Fun?

The TRENDiY Art line really taps into the interests of the older tween girl.

Who It’s For

TRENDiY Art Beaded Chains is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

We suggest overestimating the thread a bit just to be on the safe side. You can always trim it when you reach the end.

Additional TRENDiY art sets are sold separately.

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