DohVinci Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kit Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

DohVinci is a new modeling compound from the makers of Play-Doh that lets kids create 3-D art designs by squeezing the compound out of a tube. The Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kit comes with a two-piece board with ribbon, a Styler, a design tip, four Deco Pop tubes, add-on pieces, and an inspiration guide.

First, you must assemble the memory board, using the DohVinci compound as glue to adhere the decorative pieces. Then you're ready to decorate with the DohVinci compound. Choose what color Deco Pop you want, remove its cap, and pop it into the Styler. Then squeeze the Styler so that the DohVinci compound comes out. You can follow the pre-printed lines on the memory board or decorate however you want. You can also twist the specialty tip onto the Deco Pop tube to create wide lines. When you're done, let your designs dry and harden overnight.

The DohVinci compound can also be used to decorate wooden crafts, glass, cardboard, paper, duct tape, and more. However, it may stain some surfaces, so test it in an inconspicuous area before decorating.

Is It Fun?

Using the DohVinci Styler is easy to do, and kids will love the texture and bright colors the compound brings to this craft. This will engage kids in creative play, giving them a colorful finished product that they can display in their rooms.

Results will vary depending on your child's age and skill level, of course. You might want to go through a few practice runs on a piece of paper to get the hang of creating lines, dots, and squiggles before doing any designs on the memory board.

Who It’s For

The DohVinci Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kit is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It helps if you keep the memory board flat on a table or other surface. Also, make sure you move the Styler slowly, hold it at an angle, and make sure the tip of the Styler touches the surface. You might have to use your fingers to press down on the compound if it tries to come up while you're moving the Styler.

We did have some trouble getting the memory board to stay in the frame.

It's important to clean excess compound from the Deco Pops when you're done to prevent them from getting clogged up.

The DohVinci modeling compound contains wheat.

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