Ten Eggs in a Nest Review (Random House)

What It Is

Ten Eggs in a Nest is part of the Bright & Early Books line from Random House. This book by Marilyn Sadler tells a sweet, funny story about Gwen the Hen and Red Rooster. Gwen has laid her eggs and is patiently waiting for them to hatch. Red Rooster is too excited to wait, though, so as soon as one egg hatches he runs over to Worm World to buy one worm. But when he returns home, he finds that another two eggs have hatched. Off he goes to Worm World again. The hijinks continue back and forth until 10 eggs have hatched and Red Rooster has made a lot of trips to Worm World. This 48-page book features colorful illustrations by Michael Fleming.

Is It Fun?

Not only will kids find this story funny, but they'll also learn counting and even some simple addition along the way. It's a fun read that would be great for boys and girls.

Who It’s For

Ten Eggs in a Nest is for ages 3-7.

What To Be Aware Of

This is available in hardcover and as an ebook.

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  • Read-it-Again Score

  • Fun-and-Learning

  • Ten Eggs in a Nest published by Random House
  • Written by: Marilyn Sadler
  • Illustrated by: Michael Fleming
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 3 and up