Ultimate Tattoo Glitter Party Review (Alex)

What It Is

With the Ultimate Tattoo Glitter Party, kids can create glittery temporary tattoos with 10 reusable stencils and six colors of glitter. Choose one of the stencils and peel off the white backing. Place the stencil on your skin and remove the clear top cover. Then, apply a thin coat of the included body glue. Remove the stencil and place it back onto the white backing so you can reuse it. Wait for the glue to dry on your hand, and then use the included small brush to apply different colors of glitter to the glued areas. Use the included big brush to wipe away excess glitter. Because the glitter can be kind of messy, you might want to cover your work area or use the glitter over a trash can. The kit also comes with 135 regular temporary tattoos that you adhere to skin with water and the included sponge.

Is It Fun?

With reusable stencils and multiple glitter colors, kids are going to have so much fun creating tons of different glitter tattoos with this easy-to-use kit. The regular temporary tattoos also have a bit of glitter on them, and kids can create mix-and-match body art using both types of tattoos.

Who It’s For

The Ultimate Tattoo Glitter Party is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The glitter tattoos last three to seven days. To remove them, use rubbing alcohol or lotion.

The brushes can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol.

If you're going to use this kit as a slumber party activity, you'll probably want to purchase more brushes so that multiple kids can add glitter to their tattoos at the same time.

While the stencils are reusable, you might have to purchase more glitter at some point.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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