Juice High Chair Review (Mamas & Papas)

What It Is

The Juice High Chair is a two-in-one highchair that converts into a junior chair that can be used without the food tray. It's a sleek, clean-lined highchair with simple design and solid seat, tray, and accent color. The food tray can be removed and is dishwasher-safe. The entire padded seat can also be removed to clean up the bits of food that collect under the seat. When the tray is removed, the chair slides right up to fit most dinner tables, which is great for your growing toddler. A five-point harness keeps your child safe while dining. The crotch post and footrest on the chair can be removed once this converts to a junior chair. It's available in pink, purple, teal, and apple colors.

Why Is It Useful?

This highchair is very easy to convert to a junior chair, making it an item that will last a long time.

Who It’s For

The Juice High Chair is for ages 6 months-5 years with a weight limit of 90 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

There is a seam around the tray of the highchair where food can get trapped, and while we can wash this in the dishwasher and even use a toothpick to go around the seam to get the food out, we wonder how far the food travels under the tray. Bacteria or mold can build and that's not great. Aside from the food-trapping seam around the tray, we found the Juice to be a simple, modern high chair. It's not massive and intrusive in your space, and the converting feature is practical and will certainly grow with your child.

This highchair comes with tools needed to convert it from a highchair to a junior chair. No additional tools are required.

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