Pistol Paddle Outlaw Review (Pistol Paddle)

What It Is

Pistol Paddle is a line of table tennis paddles with a unique design and new table tennis game rules. There are two Pistol Paddles available. The Deputy has an all-natural wood grain grip and the Outlaw has a natural black grip. Both paddles have a hole toward the top of the grip where your index finger rests when holding the paddle.

When playing, you can add two rule changes to make the game of table tennis a little more exciting. First, you can showdown to serve by spinning the paddle around your index finger at least once before hitting the ball directly at your opponent (kind of like a Wild West showdown). Whoever strikes their opponent first gets to serve first. After the serve, you can also score three bonus points per game by striking your opponent's body with the ball without the ball hitting the table first.

A ping pong ball is not included.

Is It Fun?

It might take awhile before you get used to holding the Pistol Paddles because of the positioning of your index finger. But once you get the hang of it, hitting the ball is no problem. It's easy to put a lot of top spin on the ball and turn your wrist on your forehand. The Pistol Paddle game rules certainly add a little more action (and pain?) to the game of table tennis.

Who It’s For

Pistol Paddle Outlaw is not age-graded because it is a sporting good and not a toy.

What To Be Aware Of

You can purchase each Pistol Paddle individually or in a two-pack and four-pack.

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