Pivit Review (MindWare)

What It Is

Pivit is a fast-paced strategy game for two to four players. The gameplay varies depending on how many players you have, but the main goal is to be the first player to use all of his or her tiles to make a Pivit grid. Each player takes two trade tokens of the same color and draws 24 tiles, keeping the tiles facedown. The rest of the tiles are placed facedown in the center of the playing area. At the same time, all players turn over their tiles and position them in a crossword-style grid, matching either the designs or the colors on the tiles. Players may rearrange and regroup their tiles as many times as they need during a round in order to complete their grid. Each row or column must contain at least three tiles to be counted as complete. No row or column can contain a duplicate color or design. Wild tiles can be used in place of any design or color. During the round, you can also use your trade tokens to trade up to two tiles with two tiles from the center pile.

The first player to complete a grid takes the large scoring stick and earns four points. The remaining players have one minute to try and finish their grids. The next player to finish gets the medium scoring stick for two points, and the player who finishes after that gets the small scoring stick for one point. Players also receive one point for each unused trade token. After the round is scored, pick new tiles and play again until one player reaches 24 points (or 20 points, depending on how many players you have) to be crowned the winner.

Pivit comes with 114 tiles (including six wild tiles), eight trade tokens, three scoring sticks, a one-minute timer, and instructions. You will need a pencil and paper to keep score.

Is It Fun?

This fast-paced game will definitely challenge players' visual and matching skills and get them thinking strategically. It's a fun way for kids and adults to work their brains.

Who It’s For

Pivit is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This game can be played by younger players if you eliminate the rule that all rows and columns must have more than two tiles. MindWare says that using less than 24 tiles per player does not make the game easier.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy