Seek-a-Boo! Review (MindWare)

What It Is

Seek-a-Boo! is a seek-and-find memory game for two or more players that includes 36 large circle Seek Me cards and 36 smaller square Find Me cards each with an image of something your child may be familiar with, such as a pig, ball, or cookie. The cards are marked with different color borders that represent six different categories: food, toys, clothing, things found outdoors, animals, and colors and shapes. To play the game, choose a category and place the six Seek Me cards in that category face down on the floor. Then, using the Find Me cards in the same category, name an object for your child to find. If he peeks under a Seek Me circle and it's not the right one, simply tell him which one he's found instead and encourage him to try again. Keep playing until all the matches have been found. If more than one child is playing, it's a great way to practice taking turns as kids lift the cards looking for the object.

Is It Fun?

This offers a fun way to build vocabulary and improve memory, all while keeping kids active. The colors and shapes category helps little ones learn their colors and shapes. Kids love hiding and finding things, and we think they'll really enjoy peeking under these cards. We love that they can do that and learn at the same time, and that Seek-a-Boo is something parents can play with their children.

Who It’s For

Seek-a-Boo! is for ages 18 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This game could also be used in a preschool classroom.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy