Sensory Stepperz Review (Hedstrom)

What It Is

Sensory Stepperz are a set of four brightly colored mounds that kids can balance, step, and hop on. Circular in shape, they're made of vinyl and seem very durable. They come in bright colors of fuchsia, orange, blue, and green. Additionally, each Stepper is designed with a different pattern on top, such as dots and wavy lines. Kids can use one stepper at a time to balance on, or they can line the four steppers up and hop from one to another. They could also use their imagination and come up with their own ways to play with the Stepperz.

Is It Fun?

Sensory Stepperz were developed to help with balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. These are important skills to develop, but we're not sure this toy will keep kids in the recommended age range engaged long enough to work on these skills. We were a little surprised and disappointed that these don't make noise when you step on them because we think kids would be more apt to want to jump on them, plus it would add to the sensory experience.

Who It’s For

Sensory Stepperz are for ages 4 and up, but Hedstrom says that kids under 4 can use these with adult supervision.

What To Be Aware Of

Hedstrom makes additional sensory products for babies and up.

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