Poem-Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems Review (Schwartz & Wade Books)

What It Is

Poems about cars have been around pretty much as long as cars have been around. But in this book, the cars are crazy and the poems are written to match. There's the "Sloppy-Floppy Nonstop-Jalopy ... so unique there is no copy"; "The Bathtub Car with hot-water heating and porcelain seating"; and "The Banana Split Car with not paint, but chocolate fudge, and here and there, a whipped-cream smudge." There are thirteen poems in all and each is reflective of the wild and wacky mobiles that can be dreamed up when a child's imagination takes flight.

Is It Fun?

This vibrant picture book takes kids on a wild ride filled with creatively quirky poems illustrated by artwork that is equally unique. The illustrations are so engaging that they warrant repeated looks and are so well done that one could envision framed versions decorating a child's bedroom or playroom.

Who It’s For

This is a fantastic book for preschoolers and up. It makes a great addition to a home or school library as it also offers a fun way for older children to practice reading rhymes aloud.

What To Be Aware Of

The quirky poems and unique illustrative style might just get poetry- or reading-reluctant kids to smile!

  • Quality

  • Read-it-Again Score

  • Fun-and-Learning

  • Poem-Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems published by Schwartz & Wade
  • Written by: J. Patrick Lewis & Douglas Florian
  • Illustrated by: Jeremy Holmes
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 3 and up