Straw Shooter Jets Review (Klutz)

What It Is

Straw Shooter Jets is an activity book from Klutz that features illustrated guides to build 60 different paper jets and use your own breath to send them flying. To make the jets, pick one of the various models and follow the assembly directions. Use an integrated straw (included) and one of the blower straws, which fits inside the straw on the jet, to launch it. The jets are made by cutting, folding, and taping paper. We built the spitfire, and there are lots of tricks that you can do by playing with different configurations of the tail and flaps. The book shows it all in detail.

The entire set includes the 60-page book, 10 straws for jet building, four launch straws, 10 nose weights, sheets to make 60 jets, and a stencil for making jets from other paper.

Is It Fun?

With 60 different jets to craft and multiple stunt tricks to do, this activity kit packs the fun and repeat play.

Who It’s For

The book doesn't have an age grading, but kids who are too young to handle scissors easily and/or do the precise folding involved may need a little adult help. Kids, ages 7 and up, should be able to do this fairly easily.

What To Be Aware Of

The Spitfire took us about half an hour to assemble completely, and it flew correctly-because we took our time.

The stencil only lets you make the Spitfire style jet.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy