Monster High 13 Wishes Review (Little Orbit)

What It Is

Monster High: 13 Wishes, the Video Game from Little Orbit is loosely based on the Monster High 13 Wishes movie. In the game, the ghouls of Monster High have been trapped in a bottle by the evil genie, Whisp. Frankie Stein is one of the few ghouls not trapped in the bottle, thanks to a magic orb given to her by the good Genie, named Gigi, and it's up to Frankie to save her friends and try to set things right at Monster High.

Is It Fun?

The game begins with kids controlling Frankie who has to explore the halls and grounds of Monster High in search of clues as to how to help her friends. As kids play through the game, they will enter the bottle, visit some mystical environments and save the ghouls. When ghouls are saved, they become playable characters and each character has a "Freaky Flaw" that they turn into a strength. These flaws are the character's unique ability and kids will have to switch between the characters to utilize their abilities and progress through the game. One example is Frankie who, because she is the daughter of the Frankenstein monster, can undo the stitches that attach her hand to her body. Players then control her hand to get into small spaces.

Who It’s For

We think that Monster High fans, as young as 5, will enjoy this game. As for the content, the game is rated E for everyone and suitable for anyone who is old enough to watch the movie.

What To Be Aware Of

Kids don't have to have seen the movie to play the game but fans of the movies and toys will probably enjoy it more than anyone unfamiliar with Monster High. We played the 3DS version of the game for this review buts it's also available for the DS, Wii and Wii U.

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  • Monster High 13 Wishes from Little Orbit
  • Part of the Monster High brand
  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Available on: Nintendo 3DSNintendo DSNintendo WiiNintendo Wii U
  • Available October 29, 2013