Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty Review (Fisher-Price)

What It Is

The Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty is a musical potty that plays a cheery tune when your child goes potty in it. The Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty grows with your child. First, it is a stand-alone potty. Then, you can remove the seat ring for use on the grown-up toilet. Eventually, it can be used as a step stool to help kids reach the sink to wash their hands. The base of the potty is wide and sturdy, and the four corners have a little bit of anti-slip material, although we wish the entire bottom rim were anti-slip to make the whole thing a little bit safer. The potty itself is pretty lightweight, so taking this in your car while you travel is convenient. The bowl can be removed for easy cleaning and small handles on the side of the potty help kids find their balance. There is also a built-in splash guard for boys.

Why Is It Useful?

Potty training is a challenging time for kids and parents both, and having simple incentives such as a singing potty or a character potty could help ease this transition from diapers to potty.

Who It’s For

This product is not age-graded, but we recommend it for ages 2 and above. The step stool can be used for up to 200 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

The seat ring is not for use on padded toilet seats.

This potty requires one AA battery, which is not included.

  • Is It Useful?

  • Is It Worth It?

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    1 AA battery required