Sterling Silver Teething Jewelry Review (Momma's Jewels)

What It Is

Aiding your child in the teething process just got fashionable with Momma's Jewels Sterling Silver Teething Jewelry. This is a gorgeous line of sterling silver necklaces and bracelets for moms to wear and baby to use for teething. Each of these rings is also a soft-sounding rattle to engage your baby in auditory stimulation. The collection includes one- and two-ring bracelets and one-, two-, and three-ring necklaces. All are made of sterling silver and are sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

Parents know that having a teether at all times is key to making sure a baby and his gums are soothed. With the Momma's Jewels Sterling Silver Teething Jewelry, mom can have a teether at all times while also dressing up her outfit. This silver set is beautiful and no one would ever know it was teething jewelry. Moms can even continue to wear this jewelry long after baby's chompers have come in.

Who It’s For

The Sterling Silver Teething Jewelry is to be worn by moms of teething babies.

What To Be Aware Of

Momma's Jewels products are available at and at specialty retailers.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using this teething jewelry. Yes, it's practical and beautiful, but if you're going to wear this with a nice shirt, remember that your baby might be drooling all over your nice silk blouse while soothing his aching gums on your teething jewelry. It's not a big worry when using this latest trend in teething, but something to keep in mind before you get dressed.

Fun fact: sterling silver is naturally germ resistant, though these are probably not for sharing.

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