Erector Multimodels Construction Set Review (Meccano)

Erector Multimodels Construction Set
What It Is

In 2013, Erector sets celebrated their 100th anniversary and have been delivering creative building for kids throughout that entire time. The new sets return to their original metal parts that inventor A.C. Gilbert originally envisioned and allows fans to build all kinds of models. The Erector Multimodels Construction Set allows fans to build 10 models with more than 190 pieces including metal, plastic, wood, and more. It includes the tools kids need and detailed instructions for four of the models. You'll have to go online to get instructions for the other six. This set also features various gears and mechanisms that are designed to add motion to the models.

Is It Fun?

While the plane we built was sturdy and weighty, the rubber band pulleys that are supposed to turn the propellers when the plane runs forward didn't work. The teeth on the gears do not sit well together, and the rubber bands do not create a tight enough belt. As a result, it was much more fun to build the model and sort of play with it in our hands than to try and get it to work in the way it was designed.

Who It’s For

The Erector Multimodels Construction Set is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

We found the Meccano site difficult and confusing to negotiate, especially when looking for more instructions.

We wish there was a troubleshooting section on the website because even following the instructions carefully, it was unfortunate that we couldn't get the propellers to spin when the model rolled forward and we think it could have been our error, but we didn't really have any way to find out.

It took us about three hours to build the plane, and the instructions are clear, but they are only pictures.

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