Bitty Baby and Me Review (American Girl)

What It Is

This year, American Girl has introduced books to its Bitty Baby line of baby dolls. Each Bitty Baby now comes with its own picture book. The girl and doll featured in the book will match the hair and eye color of the purchased doll. In this title, a little girl introduces her new doll, Bitty Baby, to her family, including her rather nasty big sister. At naptime, the little girl tells Bitty Baby a story about a magical mermaid adventure, which magically comes true and even gets her older sister to play with her.

Is It Fun?

The illustrations and the book itself are beautiful. While the story simulates the fantasy a child experiences as she plays with a baby doll, this book appears to be a sales tool to sell clothing and accessories for the doll. Unlike the full-size American Girl dolls, which for the most part have a story about the character in an historical context, the only real story a child needs to play with a baby doll are her experiences being cared for and nurtured by her own mom or caretaker.

Who It’s For

Bitty Baby and Me would appeal to toddlers and preschoolers.

What To Be Aware Of

This book is a nice-to-have item when it comes with the doll, but not a great value for a $14.99 stand-alone purchase. It can also be found in libraries.

  • Quality

  • Read-it-Again Score

  • Fun-and-Learning

  • Bitty Baby and Me published by American Girl
  • Written by: Kirby Larson
  • Illustrated by: Sue Cornelison
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 2 and up