Go! Go! Smart Wheels 2-in-1 Race Track Playset Review (VTech)

What It Is

The Go! Go! Smart Wheels 2-in-1 Race Track lets kids discover and explore while also racing cars. The playset comes with two vehicles that kids can load one at a time into the starting line gates. Then kids can push down on the "go" flag to send the cars down the curved ramp or the straight jump track. While a vehicle is on the platform, kids will hear the vehicle's name, color, and an invitation to turn the platform to bring the car to the starting line. When not racing, there are two play modes. Press the tool buttons to hear sounds and phrases about tools in Learning mode and melodies in Music mode. In both modes, the lights will flash with the sounds.

This playset also recognizes other Go! Go! Smart Wheels SmartPoint vehicles, which are sold separately. (The two vehicles that come with this set are not SmartPoint vehicles.) When SmartPoint vehicles roll over one of the track's two SmartPoint locations, kids will hear the vehicle play a related phrase, sound, or melody.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute racetrack playset for young kids. The cars, track pieces, and buttons are large and chunky to make it easy for small hands to grasp and push. Kids will like that they have two racing options and that the sounds and music add some realism to their imaginative play.

Who It’s For

Go! Go! Smart Wheels 2-in-1 Race Track is for ages 1–5.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required, and it took us seven minutes to set up this track set. The instructions were easy to follow.

Two AA batteries are required but not included.

The straight jump track works well for racing, but whenever we used the curved track, both vehicles ran into each other and got stuck on the turn. Even when we only launched one vehicle, it still got stuck on the turn and never made its way down to the finish line. You'll have to help the cars get down the track. Younger children could find this frustrating.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy