Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly n Slide Clubhouse Review (Fisher-Price)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly n Slide Clubhouse
What It Is

The Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse comes with 2.75-inch Mickey and Minnie figures that sit and stand on their own, a see-saw, telescope, table, and two chairs. Some fun interactive features include a door that opens and a trapdoor. When you push down on the purple platform, Mickey or Minnie drop down the chute and reappear through the Toodles door on the slide platform. Kids can help the figures down the slide, sit them in the chairs, or have them play on the seesaw. There is also a plane for kids to manually fly Mickey or Minnie around the playset. The plane is detachable so it can be played with anywhere. However, since it is detachable, it's a little flimsy and doesn't feel that sturdy when it's attached to the clubhouse. There's also a handle on top for portable play.

Is It Fun?

As far as playsets go, this one is pretty basic. It doesn't light up or make sounds, but it does offer lots of imaginative play. Kids will have fun bringing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to life in their very own home. Fans can reenact favorite scenes from the show or create their own adventures for Mickey and Minnie.

Who It’s For

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fly 'n Slide Clubhouse is for ages 2–5.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us less than five minutes to assemble this playset using the illustrations on the bottom of the box.

In addition to the plane being flimsy, the figures always land on their heads when sliding, and the trapdoor/Toodles door doesn't work consistently. The figures get stuck inside or it sends the figures flying out instead of onto the platform. We still think fans of the show will like playing with this playset, but there are some features that could be frustrating for young kids.

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