Twilight Turtle Tunes Review (Cloud b)

What It Is

The new Twilight Turtle Tunes (T3) features three modes, which you can rotate through by pressing the turtle-shell-shaped button. Turn the T3 on by locating the on/off switch on the turtle's belly then press the shell-shaped button.

Mode one is classic mode and features the simple nightlight and star projection. As with the original Twilight Turtle, T3 will project anywhere in a room to light up a soothing display of stars is an array of three colors: amber, blue, and green.

Press the shell-shaped button twice to switch into Bluetooth Audio Mode. Download the free Twilight Turtle Tunes app and choose from a preset library of melodies and sounds. Parents can mix and match three songs and sounds to create a custom mix to soothe baby to sleep. There is also a premium app available for download for $1.99 that gives parents access to their own music libraries to play through T3. Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone to connect to T3. Then you can set programmed melodies to play for up to 24 hours for baby. The app features a timer so you can set how long you want the mix to play. The mix currently playing will be displayed at the top of the screen. The colors will morph every five seconds.

The toy's third mode features one pre-recorded track of soothing ocean sounds that plays on a loop for 45 minutes after which it will shut down automatically.

Is It Fun?

For those familiar with the original Twilight Turtle sleep aid for baby, Cloud b has delivered a new innovation to the product with a soothing sound option that we think further enhances the original starlight projector. We also like that you can customize the music mixes to soothe baby to sleep, even using your own music.

We also like that as baby gets older, T3 has additional features to continue interacting with your child such as the included Twilight Turtle storybook and Twilight Turtle Star Guide. T3, as with the original Twilight Turtle, projects actual constellation patterns, so as baby gets older you can use the guide together to identify them.

Who It’s For

Twilight Turtle Tunes from Cloud b is for all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

The Twilight Turtle Tunes is 14 inches long and five inches wide.

Li-On rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter are included.

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