Easy View Back Seat Mirror Review (Diono)

What It Is

The Easy View Back Seat Mirror is a seven-inch mirror that can be attached to the backseat headrest of any car. Because an infant has to be in a rear-facing car seat, sometimes the driver can't see if the baby's head is upright or if the sun is in his eyes or if he's just generally comfortable. This back seat mirror is the solution. It rotates 360 degrees, so parents get the perfect angle to view their baby when he's riding in the car. The mirror is very lightweight and a child-safe convex mirror.

Why Is It Useful?

The Easy View Back Seat Mirror is a really helpful accessory for parents on-the-go. It allows parents to easily see how their baby is doing in the backseat rear-facing car seat.

Who It’s For

Because this is not a toy, it is not age-graded. It's designed to be used by parents of babies.

What To Be Aware Of

Diono also makes an adjustable mirror that attaches to a car's rearview mirror so that parents can easily monitor their forward-facing child while driving. This mirror is sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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