Alpha Elite Stroller Review (Delta Children's Products)

What It Is

The Alpha Elite Stroller is a lightweight umbrella stroller that only weighs 18 pounds and folds up easily, making it great for travel. It features a five-point harness for safety. There's also a multi-position reclining seat, which is simple enough to adjust by pushing in the red buttons and pulling or pushing the cord housing. The front tires swivel for easier movement, and both the front and rear tires are shock-absorbing. To lock the stroller, step on the brakes on both rear tires.

There is a parent cup holder and a storage compartment under the seat. It's not much, but we find that most strollers don't have much storage space, so comparatively it's roomy enough. One of our favorite features is the storage bag on the back of the canopy. It's a simple thing, but it makes a big difference when you just want to run out with as little as possible or when you're already carrying a ton of bags. The canopy also has a peek-a-boo shade on the top to check on your baby as you push him. To close the canopy, just lift the levers up on each side and push it back. The canopy needs to be closed in order to fold the stroller.

To fold it, pull the primary locking mechanism located on the back of the stroller and step on the secondary lock. Then fold the front wheels in to meet the handles. There is a latch on one side that holds the stroller in place and a handle for carrying on the other side.

Why Is It Useful?

While some moms wouldn't use this as an everyday stroller and walk miles with it, it is great for running a few errands and ideal for travel. The seat is comfortable for kids to sit on, and the weight and folding ability make it easy for keeping this in your car or for checking on an airplane.

Who It’s For

This stroller is for ages birth and up. It has a weight limit of 45 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 20 minutes to assemble this stroller. You'll need to snap the front wheels into place and attach the cup holder. We had some issues with the canopy, but once we adjusted it correctly and Velcro'd it onto the stroller, it was fine.

Be sure not to put more than three pounds of stuff in the storage bag because it could cause the stroller to tip over.

We do wish there were latches on both sides of the stroller so it folded a little tighter, but it's not bad as is.

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