Battroborg 3-in-1 Battle Arena Review (TOMY)

Battroborg 3-in-1 Battle Arena
What It Is

Nearly half a century ago, a pair of battling robots created a toy industry sensation, and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots became a memorable part of many Baby Boomers childhoods. Now this classic play concept gets a 21st century upgrade with Battroborg from Tomy. The charger doubles as a controller that attaches to a Battroborg battling robot. Before battling, kids must use the controller to charge up their robot for about 20 minutes. Then, kids and their robots are ready to battle. Set your robots in the ring arena and go to it. Turn on the controller and pair it with the robot. The robot will flash blue until it's paired, and then it will flash green. As you punch with your hands, the robot will punch, too. Punch with the left hand to move forward and turn clockwise. Punch with your right hand to move forward and turn counter-clockwise. The elastic cords on the sides can be used to configure the ring for different play modes. Practice with the ring set up with four drones on the side. Then, challenge an opponent to a dual in the gauntlet by moving around the elastic cords. When you've got the hang of it, open up the arena fully for complete battle action.

There are five levels of play in each battle, and you'll know how you're doing by the light on the back of the robot. The lights will count down from green to blue to white to yellow to red. When the light flashes red and your robot won't move, well, you've been KO'd. But just press the robot's face mask to start again.

There are also other modes of play that are great for solo play when you don't have an opponent.

Is It Fun?

We were really impressed by how well executed this game is, from the versatility in the play options and the quick charge, to, of course, the classic battle action. This is a versatile and engaging toy that capitalizes on advanced technology to deliver a knock-out punch for fun.

Who It’s For

Battroborg 3-in-1 Battle Arena is for ages 6 and up, and we found that younger kids will be able to easily operate this. There is a bit of a learning curve to mastering the moves, but trying it out in practice is part of what makes this fun.

What To Be Aware Of

Eight AA batteries are required but not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    8 AA batteries required