ShtankOut Review (ShtankOut)

What It Is

ShtankOut is a new line of soft toys that start out as cute, fun collectibles but go a step further with odor-eliminating properties. ShtankOut toys can be used in everything from sports bags and backpacks to lockers and more. There are five ShtankOut characters to choose from each with its own fruity scent. Smiley (a smiley face) smells like passion fruit, Kicks (a soccer ball) smells like cherry, Funny Face smells like lemon, Aspen Pup smells like orange, and Miracle Monkey smells like blueberry. Each contains non-toxic, long-lasting, odor-eliminating plastic beads that chase odors away, leaving behind a fresh, fruity scent. The ShtankOuts also have a plastic clip so that kids can clip them to a backpack or belt loop. You can also use the included double-sided tape to attach a ShtankOut to a locker door or other flat surface.

Is It Fun?

ShtankOut is a fun toy for kids to collect and display, but it also has a useful purpose that parents will appreciate: getting rid of odors. For kids who play sports and have smelly shoes or gym bags or for kids who just want to make their school lockers or bedrooms smell nice, ShtankOut will do the trick. We tested a ShtankOut to see just how long the scent would last, and after a month, we could still smell the cherry on our Kicks ShtankOut.

Who It’s For

ShtankOut is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

A portion of the proceeds of each ShtankOut sale is donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association to provide research funding for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a debilitating disease affecting one in 3,500 boys.

When you touch ShtankOuts, the scent rubs off on your hands.

ShtankOut is available to purchase at You can purchase each ShtankOut individually or purchase all five for $29.95.

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