Disney Eye Found It Review (Wonder Forge)

What It Is

Wonderforge's Disney Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game is a cooperative board game for preschoolers. The board game comes in three sturdy pieces that fit together like a big puzzle. Players start by selecting their Disney character playing pieces, which include The Little Mermaid's Ariel, Peter Pan's Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh's Tigger, Alice in Wonderland's Alice, Phineas and Ferb's Perry the Platypus, and Mickey Mouse, and placing at the start. Next, shuffle through the search cards and place them near the board. It doesn't matter if the top card is blue or red because each card features both a blue and red side, and which side of the card you play will depend on what you spin. Start with the clock positioned at "1".

Then pick a player to go first and players will take turns spinning and moving their pieces through the game. What you spin will determine where and how far you move. The Spinner features one to eight space moves but if the spinner lands on a red or blue search space, which is shaped like mickey ears, players get to play another game within a game. In this part of the game, players will draw a card and flip it to the red or blue side depending on what color the spinner landed on. Each card features different numbers, letters, or symbols. It's up to players to work together to find as many of the matching symbols throughout the board game before the sand timer runs out. Highlight the symbols on the game by placing the Mickey search ear markers over each match and call out "I found it!" when you find a symbol. How ever many matching symbols you found indicates how many spaces all players get to move on the board.

Players can also spin a clocktower featuring a "1" or a "2." When this occurs players must turn the clock on the board game one or two hours forward. Because this is a cooperative game, the goal of the game is to get all the players to the finish, or in this case the castle, before the clock strikes midnight. If you do, everyone wins.

Is It Fun?

For preschoolers, this game has a lot of great interactive components, and play will begin as soon as you take the game out of the box because the board fits together like a big puzzle. We also like the cooperative game play that gets everyone involved and working together to race to Cinderella's castle before the clock strikes midnight.

Disney fans of any age will enjoy travel through and searching the beautifully illustrated realms of their favorite films and TV shows, starting with Radiator Springs on one side and Mickey's hometown on the other and winding through The Hundred Acre Woods, Under the Sea, and through Never Land and beyond. And at six feet long, kids will have fun crawling around the floor to get to the different parts of the illustrated board game.

Who It’s For

The Disney Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game is for 2–6 players.

There are 1,000 hidden Disney treasures hidden throughout the board game.

When playing the "Eye Found It" portion of the game, symbols are open to players' interpretation. For example, if the search symbol is an "8," players can decide whether or not something else shaped like an "8" is also acceptable.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy