SnoozeShade Plus Review (SnoozeShade)

What It Is

The SnoozeShade Plus works as a stroller sunshade and baby sleep aid. The SnoozeShade Plus is one-size-fits-all and attaches to most strollers with Velcro straps. It provides UPF 50 protection when the panel is zipped up but does not retain heat, keeping your baby cool. The breathable blackout panel can be zipped up to block sunlight so your baby can get to sleep during the day. You can simply zip it down to peek in on your baby, or you can pull the blackout panel down so your baby can see out as you stroll. The SnoozeShade Plus also helps protect your baby from sunrays, mosquitoes, and insects. The SnoozeShade is available in a classic black version ($49.99) and a deluxe silver/gray version ($59.99).

Why Is It Useful?

The SnoozeShade Plus is a great tool for any parent pushing a stroller. This is a great accessory to have especially during warm summer months when you want to get outside but also want your baby to remain comfortable in the heat.

Who It’s For

The SnoozeShade Plus is recommended for use on strollers with children from birth to 4.

What To Be Aware Of

The company also makes a SnoozeShade for playards and one for infant carriers. These are sold separately and available to purchase from,, and in select specialty stores.

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