Botti-Bot Bitsy-Bot Review (Blip Toys)

Botti-Bot Bitsy-Bot
What It Is

Botti-Bot Bitsy-Bot is a new interactive plush R/C pet toy from Blip Toys. Bitsy-Bot features bright pink and purple colors with a cute owl-like face and rainbow alien-like antennas. Turn Bitsy-Bot on and the toy goes through a sequence of rainbow colors and speaks in a squeaky Botti-Bot language. The easy-to use controller sends Bitsy-Bot into motion and features a funky tubular antenna that matches those on Bitsy-Bot's head. Moving the right controller makes Bitsy-Bot swing its front wheels in the air and rotate around 360 degrees. The left controller moves Bitsy-Bot backward and forward. The remote controller also features six buttons that each make Bitsy-Bot make a different sound. Bitsy-Bot comes in a see-through cardboard carrier that can be used afterward for storage and to take a long with you.

Is It Fun?

While R/C toys for girls aren't new, it's still a category that tend to be geared primarily toward boys. But Botti-Bots have a lot of features that are really going to appeal to girls, such as Bitsy-Bots' cute voice, which younger kids will especially love mimicking. The controller is also easy for young kids to use without any frustration.

We also like that the toy features a lot of additional tactile elements such as colorful ribbons to tug on, ultra-soft pink fur, and whispy fuzzy hair.

Who It’s For

Botti-Bots Bitsy-Bot is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Bitsy-Bots wheels make is easy to operate the toy on different surfaces, including carpet. But for best results we suggest using on a flat, smooth surface.

There is no way to turn off the sound effects when Botti-Bots are in motion.

Five "AA" batteries are required. Three are required for the Botti-Bot and two for the remote controller.

Botti-Bots operate on different frequencies, so kids can play with multiple Botti-Bots at the same time.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    5 AA batteries required