Wipeout Dry Erase Helmet Review (Triple Eight)

What It Is

Wipeout is a unique dry erase helmet from Triple Eight that combines art and sports. The helmet adheres to all the required industry safety regulations while also encouraging kids to get creative and show off their personalities and interests through art.

Using the included five non-toxic neon dry erase markers to color, kids can either use the eight stencils, which feature various shapes such as rockets, bats, stars, hearts, spiders, etc., or create their own designs to make the helmet their own. And once kids are tired of one design, they can simply wipe it off and start over again.

The helmet features ABS head-shell construction for durability and and is duel-certified for both bike and skate use to keep kids protected across multiple sports.

When it's time to wear the helmet it should fit comfortably on a child's head, not too tight or too loose. It should also be positioned to protect the forehead but not so much so that it impedes a child's vision. Adjust the strap so it is also not too tight or too loose. The buckle should be positioned away from the jawbone and buckle should be fastened comfortably but firmly to keep the helmet in place.

Is It Fun?

What we like about the Wipeout Dry Erase Helmet is that it tries to combat that "uncool" stigma kids often associated with wearing the proper safety gear by letting kids customize the helmets. And when kids can personalize something and make it their own, they will be much more likely to use it.

In terms of design, the helmets offer a lot of opportunity for kids to get creative and show off their interests. And because the designs can be easily wiped off, the look of the helmet can change and grow along with a child. This also adds more repeat play value than you'd find with traditional kids' helmets.

Who It’s For

The Wipeout Dry Erase Helmet is for ages 3–11.

What To Be Aware Of

Because you are working on a curved surface, especially for a younger child, it works better if you tape the stencil onto the helmet so it stays in place while coloring.

Shaking the markers with the cap on before use brings more ink to the surface and leads to better coloring. The color will also dry brighter than when it first goes on the helmet.

Make sure you give the ink a few seconds to dry before touching it otherwise you'll end up with a smudged design. But if you do mess up, you can just wipe away that design and start over.

The helmets comply with U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards for bike helmets, skateboarding, and trick roller skating.

Helmet colors include black, pink, hot pink, neon orange, and neon green.

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