StacheTATS Review (StacheTATS)

What It Is

Mustaches (fake ones, that is) are a huge trend right now, and everyone can get in on the fun with StacheTATS, temporary mustache tattoos. These high-quality temporary tattoos are sweat-proof and beverage-proof, don't itch, don't fall off your face, and form to your face so it looks like you've got a mustache. (Well, it looks like you've got a fake mustache, and that's the point.) There are a variety of different mustache designs and colors to choose from, including The Don Juan, a pack of suave mustaches; The Fuzzy Wuzzy, colorful and fuzzy-looking mustaches; and The Pencil, smaller mustaches perfect for children and those with smaller upper lips. Each pack is sold separately.

Each pack of StacheTATS includes four to five removable tattoos and four alcohol towelettes. To apply, pick your mustache and cut it out. Remove the plastic cover and press the tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin. Press a wet towel against the tattoo and hold for 15-30 seconds. Remove the towel and the tattoo's paper backing. To remove the tattoo, take one of the supplied alcohol towelettes and gently wipe away.

Is It Fun?

StacheTATS are fun and silly for both kids and adults. They easily go on to your skin and just as easily wipe away with the included towelettes. This is something fun that kids can do and wear around at a birthday party, and these are also good for throwing in a birthday party goody bag.

Who It’s For

StacheTATS are for ages 4 and up. Children under the age of 12 should be supervised by an adult while applying and removing the tattoo.

What To Be Aware Of

StacheTATS are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The alcohol to remove them can be drying, so adults especially may want to moisturize after removing the tattoo.

There isn't really much repeat play. Each mustache is for one-time use, though there are four or five in each package.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy