The Box Girls Camp Bunk Box of Questions - Mini Review (Melissa & Doug)

What It Is

Many kids go off to camp during the summer, and the Box Girls Camp Bunk Box of Questions—Mini is a game to help bunkmates break the ice and make new friends. There are 42 camp-themed questions that range from camp food to activities to things about the camper that her camp friends may not know. For example, If you could have any band come play at camp, which would it be?", "What is the talent you possess that few people know you have?", "What camp food is the most disgusting?", and "What will you miss the most about camp after it is over? What will you miss the least?"

There are two ways to play. Each camper picks a card and answers the question on it or one card is picked and everyone answers that same question.

Is It Fun?

Even though this is called a game, it's more a collection of conversation starters. The questions are very kid-friendly and the compact size of Camp Bunk Box of Questions makes it easy to take along in a suitcase or backpack. It's also a great alternative to sending candy in the care packages for your little campers.

Who It’s For

The Box Girls Camp Bunk Box of Questions—Mini is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

A larger version of this game with 82 conversation starters is also available and sold separately for $9.99.

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