Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Colin in “The Party Surprise” Review (Fisher-Price)

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Colin in “The Party Surprise”
What It Is

Kids can help Thomas and Colin make deliveries for a surprise party with the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Colin in "The Party Surprise" playset. The playset comes with a Colin the Crane destination, motorized Thomas engine, cargo car, magnetic cargo, one piece of straight track, eight pieces of curved track, and one piece of stop track. Send Thomas around the track until it stops in front of Colin the Crane. Help Colin turn and lift the magnetic cargo, then press the button to release the cargo into Thomas' cargo car. Press the lever on the stop track to send Thomas on his way. This track set is compatible with other Thomas & Friends TrackMaster sets, which are sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This track set is a fun way for kids to interact with a favorite character and bring the world of Thomas to life. The motorized Thomas engine moves well around the track, and kids will like being able to lift and load the magnetic cargo piece. This will engage Thomas fans in lots of imaginative play.

Who It’s For

Colin in "The Party Surprise" is for Thomas & Friends fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required. It took us about 10 minutes to put this together.

One AA battery is required but not included. It was a little confusing to figure out how to insert the battery.

While the track stays together well, we had some issues with the Colin piece and the red crane piece popping off. You need to snap the Colin piece into the destination piece really hard. You shouldn't be able to see any of the white connecting piece if Colin is properly attached. Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out a way to make the red crane piece stay on during play.

In order for the crane to lift the cargo piece, the magnetic symbol on the cargo piece must be facing up.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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