The Original Shnoozles Review (Sun Moon Enterprises)

The Original Shnoozles
What It Is

The Original Shnoozles Shu-Shu and Shah-Shah are stuffed characters designed to help children go to sleep at bedtime. The story behind the Shnoozles is that each time a child is heard fussing at bedtime, the Shleepy Willow in Shnoozeland produces a willow seed that grows into a cuddly Shnoozle. Shu-Shu is a furry brown Shnoozle that wears a blue nightshirt, and Shah-Shah is furry pink Shnoozle wearing a pink nightshirt. Each comes with a bedtime book called A Shleepy-Time Rhyme. The Shnoozles also feature patented eyes that allow for the toys to have their eyes closed. Simply untuck the eyelids from the pockets above its eyes. Then tuck the eyelids back into the pockets so that your Shnoozle is awake.

Is It Fun?

This soft and cuddly toy is fun for playtime during the day, and it also makes a great addition to a child's bedtime routine, especially for a child who doesn't like to go to bed. Parents read the bedtime story to their child while the child cuddles with their Shnoozle. And when the Shnoozle's eyes close, it's time for kids' eyes to close, too.

Who It’s For

The Original Shnoozles are for all ages, but they are not a crib toy, so they're probably better suited for kids 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Original Shnoozles are available in specialty toy stores and online at

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