Cobra Bracelets Review (Alex)

What It Is

Kids can make five fabric bracelets with the Cobra Bracelets kit. This kit comes with a suction hook, five nylon cords, five satin cords, metallic beads, plastic fishing hook, and instructions. The suction hook gives kids a sturdy, non-moving work base. Then kids string satin cord around the hook, tape down the ends, and use a thick cord to braid around the satin cord. The finishing hook allows kids to add beads to their bracelets. When kids are done, they tie a knot and trim the ends of their bracelet with scissors, and then the bracelet is ready to be worn.

Is It Fun?

Cobra Bracelets is a great craft for kids, especially kids with an interest in making and wearing their own jewelry. Kids will have fun making these braided bracelets to wear and share.

Who It’s For

Cobra Bracelets is for ages 6 and up. Adult help might be needed for younger kids, and adult supervision is required when kids are using scissors.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional supplies you'll need that are not included with the kit are scissors and tape.

The step-by-step illustrated instructions are very easy to follow.

You can purchase additional fabric separately to make more Cobra Bracelets with the tools in this kit.

The suction cup hook does not stick to all surfaces.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy