Flair Pedestal High Chair Review (Boon)

What It Is

The Flair Pedastal High Chair has a lot of great features. It has a sleek design and a pedestal base to make it sturdy. One of the best features is that it's really easy to clean. It can be wiped down with a sponge or disinfectant wipe. Aside from the straps and clips, there aren't any cracks or crevices in which food can get trapped. The seat pad is waterproof and removable, and the tray liner is dishwasher-safe and small enough to fit into a dishwasher. The six urethane casters on the base make this high chair easy to glide in all directions without scratching the floor. There is a single-step braking system so that the high chair doesn't move when baby is in it, and parents don't have to worry about older siblings trying to push the high chair around. This high chair also has a pneumatic lift, which means that it's easy for parents to adjust the height to fit any table. The seat height range is 21 inches to 26.25 inches. The tray height range is 26.25 inches to 31.5 inches. Just step on the orange button on the base and lift up or push down the seat to the desired height. The seat has a five-point harness and safety post. The Flair Pedestal High Chair is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free. It is available in four color schemes: coconut with tangerine pad, gray/green, coconut with blue pad, and cherry.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a great high chair with lots of convenient features for parents and comfort for babies. Parents will like how easy it is to adjust the height so that their baby can sit at any dinner table with the rest of the family. Parents will also like how easy it is to clean the Flair Pedestal High Chair.

Who It’s For

The Flair Pedestal High Chair is for babies that weight between 12 and 50 pounds, as long as the child can sit up on its own without assistance.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us one hour to assemble this high chair. A screwdriver is required but not included.

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