Splash Math Kindergarten Review (StudyPad, Inc. )

What It Is

Splash Math Kindergarten is an interactive workbook-style app from StudyPad, the developers of the popular Splash Math learning app series that supports math learning on the iPad for kids up to fifth grade. In Splash Math Kindergarten, you'll find all the math practice your child needs to reinforce what they are learning in school. Kids experience quick workbook-style problems to solve. There's a nice mix of multiple choice, fill in the missing pieces, and choose an answer problems. Kids will find some questions that require reading so be prepared to help in teaching your child a few key math words. Kids receive very clear feedback when they solve a problem correctly or if they need to go back and try again. After kids solve a series of 10 problems, they earn a plant or animal to add to their very own jungle reward area.

The customization in Splash Math Kindergarten is remarkable. Multiple children can log into the app and have completely different math experiences.

From the parents page, tap on the syllabus button and see the complete math curriculum. You'll find eight chapters of math learning broken into multiple skill areas that accurately reflect what a child will experience in kindergarten. Toggle on and off the chapters and specific skills you want your child working on. Parents can even set specific goals for their child based on how many questions, prizes, or minutes a day they want their child using the app. Not sure what to choose? Check out the summary of what each child has been playing to see where they need to spend more time.

Is It Fun?

We really like how calm the app feels. There are no timers or incentives in the app for solving problems quickly. Many of the problems allow kids to place an answer and pause before telling the app that they are done. Overall, you get a tremendous amount of math learning practice with Splash Math Kindergarten.

Who It’s For

Splash Math Kindergarten is for ages 4–7.

What To Be Aware Of

There are links to other Splash Math apps on this app's homescreen.

Splash Math Kindergarten is available as a full-paid or free-to-try version in the Apple App Store. It is available on the iPad.

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