bebePOD Flex Review (Prince Lionheart)

What It Is

Babies have lots to learn in the world, and sitting is one essential that needs to happen pretty quickly. Parents can help their child along with the functional bébéPOD Flex. This soft, cushy chair is designed to hug your baby's body and help support them sitting upright. It can be used on the floor, and has two sets of straps that allow parents to attach it to any dining chair so it functions as a booster seat. The back of the chair is high to hold your baby secure and support its back. The pommel helps keep the baby in place and easily twists off to accommodate other accessories, which are sold separately. The durable material is easy to clean. A quick wipedown is all you need. The bébéPOD Flex is lightweight and compact, which makes storage and travel easy. It is available in five colors: charcoal grey, mint green, pink, berry blue, and poppy pink.

Why Is It Useful?

The bébéPOD Flex is great for helping babies sit up whether on the floor or at the kitchen table. Parents who don't have space for a highchair or who just don't want a highchair to take up space in their kitchen or dining room will like the compact size of the bébéPOD Flex. It's easy to use at home and lightweight enough that you can take it on the go.

Who It’s For

The bébéPOD Flex is for ages 3 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

When your child is using the bébéPOD Flex, do not leave him or her unattended.

Do not use the bébéPOD Flex on an elevated surface (other than a suitable chair), uneven surface, as a car seat, or in the bathtub.

The bébéPOD Flex is designed for use with adult-size chairs that have flat surfaces only. Chairs with a countoured seat or without back support or with openings in the back that exceed a height of 10 inches should not be used with bébéPOD Flex.

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