Xtreme Customz XL Spider-Man Review (Ridemakerz)

Xtreme Customz XL Spider-Man
What It Is

The idea behind the Xtreme Customz line of toys is that you purchase a basic car, and then you can purchase additional pieces to create and customize any kind of car you can dream up. With the Xtreme Customz XL Spider-Man, kids can create and customize a car for their favorite superhero. Out of the box, this is a pretty basic 1:18-scale, free-wheeling, lightweight plastic car with Spider-Man decoration. Kids can customize it by snapping the tires on or off and changing the rims. Kids can also add the web shooters by sliding them into the slots on the underside of the car. To do anything else, you're going to have to buy additional pieces.

Is It Fun?

Ultimately, we weren't really sure whom this would be for. Naturally, it's for kids who like Spider-Man and vehicles, but the customization doesn't lend itself to traditional Spider-Man play. This may appeal most to kids who are interested in models and customization.

Who It’s For

The Xtreme Customz XL Spider-Man kit is for Spider-Man and car fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll want to purchase this car carefully. If you look at the picture on the back of the box, you might miss that all the different pieces shown are sold separately, though Ridemarkerz does show what the kit includes on the side of the box. The additional pieces aren't that expensive individually, but customizing pieces can add a good $10–$12 to the cost of the car.

You can also go online to Ridemakerz.com and build a car like this one or many others from the chassis up.

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