Hexbug Nano Mutant Zombies Review (Innovation First)

Hexbug Nano Mutant Zombies
What It Is

The Hexbug Nano micro-robotic creatures have a new look: glow-in-the-dark mutant zombies. Each Hexbug Nano Mutant Zombie comes in either a black or an orange coffin. (Each is sold separately.) The "skeleton" on the back of the zombies glows in the dark, and it can be removed and placed on another Hexbug. Like the original Hexbugs, Hexbug Nano Mutant Zombies speed around in random patterns, behaving like a real bug would. It can find its way around obstacles by using vibration-propelled movements.

Is It Fun?

The Hexbug Nano Mutant Zombies make a great addition to any Hexbug Nano collection. These little toys pack a lot of technology, but are easy to use and lots of fun to watch. The new zombie look of the Hexbug Nanos is a lot of fun, and kids will like being able to watch their mutant zombies move around in the dark.

Who It’s For

Hexbug Nano Mutant Zombies are for ages 3 and up.

While the age grading is primarily for safety, this is a toy that's going to appeal to older children, starting at around 5 because they'll be able to more easily manage, chase and play with the toys.

What To Be Aware Of

One button cell battery is included.

The skeleton piece does make it difficult for the Hexbug Nano to right itself if it falls over. But you can easily remove the skeleton piece if that is a problem for you.

For best glow-in-the-dark feature, make sure to keep the skeleton piece in bright light for a few minutes before turning out the lights.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Value

    1 Cell battery required