Training Camp Flag Football Review (Hedstrom)

What It Is

Training Camp Flag Football is a great way for young kids to play football with lots of excitement but no tackling. The set comes with 12 vinyl flags with clips and a G2 Air Pro Football. Clip the flags to a belt loop or anywhere else on pants or other clothing item as long as the flag is in a spot that is easy for another player to grab the flag. However, you do want to prevent your flag from being grabbed by a member of the opposing team. Training Camp Flag Football is safe for outdoor play.

Flag football is a popular way for kids to engage in the fun of active football play, and grabbing the flag from a player stops the play. This also makes it ideal for kids of different abilities to play together.

Is It Fun?

The football is easy to throw. We were able to throw it 25 yards without any problem. Training Camp Flag Football is a safer way for younger kids to learn how to play football because players don't have to tackle each other like in touch football, so injuries can be avoided.

Who It’s For

Training Camp Flag Football is for ages 3 and up. Even though this is designed for 3-year-olds, even older kids and adults will like playing this flag football with this set.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Hedstrom Training Camp products include Tire Touchdown, Strike Zone, and Wide Receiver. Each is sold separately.

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