abc PocketPhonics Review (Apps in My Pocket)

What It Is

abc PocketPhonics is an app that supportively tutors your child on the basics of reading and writing. Kids are instructed on letter formation, sounds, and names. The phonics practice is designed around mastering small groups of letters that kids can easily blend together to read. In the formation practice, a letter is formed on the screen, the letter sound is given, and kids are encouraged to repeat the sounds. Then it's the child's turn to form the letter using their finger or stylus. For support, there is a "follow me" arrow that guides the child through each formation. Even in the hardest levels, kids can be rewarded for making some wacky looking letters, but the app does a good job of guiding kids through the correct formation.

The phonics portion of the app works with your child on beginning phonics sounds through the blends and vowel patterns you would learn in first and second grade in the United States. Your child will listen to the app give a sound and then tap the corresponding letters. The app clearly blends the sounds together while encouraging your child to join in on the sound production and blending.

Beyond the motivating repetitive phonics and formation practice, there are many settings for parents and teachers to customize the app for the child. Multiple children are able to have a customizable account on abc PocketPhonics. Each child can have the sounds, writing style, including lower, upper, and cursive formation, dominant hand choice, and easy to hard settings on how the app checks the writing formation. All of these settings help the app to be tailored to your child's specific needs.

Is It Fun?

Throughout the games, you'll find abc PocketPhonics very encouraging. Kids are rewarded with both praise and direct feedback from the writing utensil characters on the screen and through the use of a star rating system on how well they completed each level. We like that the app is so easy to customize based on the needs of the child playing with it.

Who It’s For

abc PocketPhonics is for ages 3 and up. It is a completely safe app for kids. Parents will need to brush up on their multiplication as all the parent areas have an adult test to gain access.

What To Be Aware Of

abc PocketPhonics is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later.

A free Lite version of the app is also available.

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  • Available October 5, 2012