GazziliWords Review (GazziliWorld)

What It Is

GazziliWords is a science vocabulary-building app designed for kids to play with important science concepts. To get started, tap one of the 24 pictures/words. Each word is introduced with a "teaching moment." Then, kids experience a real-life application of the word. When kids tap on the GazziliWord "shadow", they listen to a descriptive definition of shadows and hear about the way shadows move. Then kids give it a try by moving the toys or the sun to see how shadows change. This is a great game for making connections between the sun's position and where the shadows lie.

Another GazziliWord is "balance." In the teaching moment, kids listen to examples of when you need to keep your balance. Then kids play a game where they stack ice cream to create a huge treat. But the ice cream gets so high that it might fall off the cone. Kids tilt the iPad to keep the ice cream balanced on the cone.

Another GazziliWord is "patience." Kids are reminded of times when they have needed to be patient. Then kids play a fishing game for a real-life example. In the water, the fish move slowly across the screen. Kids move their hook up and down but must wait patiently for the fish to reach the hook.

Is It Fun?

The interactive animations, sound effects, and word descriptions all help a child build a deeper understanding of each word's definition. This app is a good way to expand a child's vocabulary and challenge preschoolers with important words that can otherwise be difficult to define, such as fingerprint, internet, and healthy, in a child-friendly way.

Who It’s For

GazziliWords is for all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1 or later.

GazziliWords is a free app, but in order to get all 24 words, you have to purchase word packs. The first three words are free. The remaining words are sold in packs of three for 99 cents each.

This app is child-safe. You need to confirm your purchase and enter your iTunes password each time you want to purchase a word pack. The links in the app are also locked with a question too difficult for most young kids to answer. Even the tweet button you see on the screen can be turned off in the settings.

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  • GazziliWords from GazziliWorld
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  • Available on: iOS
  • Available November 1, 2012