bINK’d Review (bINK’d Kids)

What It Is

bINK'd is a line of temporary tattoo earrings for girls and boys. They are safe to wear, there is no pain like when you get your ears pierced, and the earring tattoos last up to five days. The tattoos are made using FDA-approved, kid-safe vegetable-based inks and adhesive. You apply them like you would any other temporary tattoo. Cut out the tattoo, remove the clear protective top sheet, and hold the tattoo image side down on your ear. Hold the wet applicator against the back of the tattoo and apply light pressure. After 15 seconds, slide the paper away, and your tattoo earring is now on your ear. To remove, use rubbing alcohol or baby oil. The bINK'd tattoos can also be used on nails, faces, dolls, and more.

The All-in-One Purse Set comes with everything kids need to apply the tattoos, including an applicator water pen, child-safe scissors, and two bINK'd design containers with 12 pairs of bINK'd earrings. The set is $15.95.

You can also purchase bINK'd design containers individually for $5.95. Each container comes with six pairs of images. There are a variety of images to choose from, including sports, flowers, animals, and holidays.

The applicator water pen can also be purchased separately for 75 cents.

Is It Fun?

If your child wants his or her ears pierced but is afraid of the pain or if your child isn't old enough to have pierced ears, then bINK'd temporary tattoo earrings are a good alternative. They're easy to put on and easy to take off, so kids can change their "earrings" every week. And kids will like that they can use the tattoos to decorate their nails, faces, and more.

Who It’s For

bINK'd is for ages birth and up.

While they are safe to be used, parents will want to use their own discretion as to the best time to engage kids in this activity.

What To Be Aware Of

bINK'd can be purchased in specialty shops and Nordstrom stores and online at,, and

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