My Image Bracelet Maker Review (Choose Friendship Company)

My Image Bracelet Maker
What It Is

With My Image Bracelet Maker, kids can make and personalize a bracelet with images. Use your own photos, pictures from magazines or the internet, or the included preprinted photo cards to decorate the plastic tiles of your bracelet.

The bracelet maker station has two drawers for storing the included supplies: a glue stick, 18 elastic threads, a knot key tool, six preprinted photo cards with 144 pictures, and 54 plastic tiles in six colors. The top of the bracelet maker station has a special spot where kids lay out the plastic tiles they want to use and thread the tiles with the elastic. Once threaded, kids pick the images they want to add to the tiles.

If using the preprinted photo cards, you can use the bracelet maker station's built-in cutting tool to cut out the pictures you want in perfect squares. If you want to use your own photos and pictures, go to and use the free MyPhotoSizer software to create your own image card to print out. Then use the cutting tool to cut apart the pictures.

Add glue to the back of the cut-out images with the glue stick and stick the images onto the tiles. Then tie the two ends of the elastic together to form the bracelet.

Is It Fun?

My Image Bracelet Maker gives kids an easy way to make bracelets and store all of the supplies. Kids will like that they can add the preprinted images as well as their own photos so they can show off their friends, favorite band members, and more on their bracelets, if they can get the images to stay on. Some of our images came off the tiles and had to be reglued pretty much every time we picked up and wore the bracelets.

Who It’s For

The My Image Bracelet Maker is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us about 10 minutes to create a bracelet. The instructions were easy to follow until we got to the last step. After your bracelet has been tied together, you're supposed to use a knot key tool to slide the knots you've tied into one of the tiles so that the knots aren't visible. This did not work for us at all, and we ended up breaking our bracelets instead. If you don't mind being able to see the knots, it's probably easier if you disregard the last step.

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