Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge Review (Fashion Angels)

What It Is

The contestants on Project Runway have to make clothes out of all sorts of materials. Kids who are fans of the show or who are aspiring fashion designers can also participate in a Project Runway-style challenge with the Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge. The challenge with this kit is to design dresses using decorative tape. The kit comes with a dress form, three display forms, 24 decorative tapes, four tape dispensers, clear tape, a burnisher, stickers, 40 gems, 15 pattern sheets, and instructions.

The design sheets are labeled Level 1–3. The Level 1 sheets are easiest, so it's best to start with those first. Once you choose a pattern, flip it to the back side where you will see tape guide lines. Follow those lines to place the tape. Smooth the tape with the burnisher, then flip the pattern to the front side. Use the lines on the front to cut out the pattern. Then line up the colored arrows in number order, starting with number one, and tape the arrows together with clear tape. When you get to the last number, place the garment on the dress form or a 15-inch doll, and tape the back closed with clear tape. Then add sticker or gem details, such as pockets and buttons, to finish the look.

Is It Fun?

The Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge is a fun way for kids who are interested in fashion to create their own fashionable outfits out of tape and paper. The finished dresses look great on display, but we like that these dresses can actually be used as clothing for most 15-inch fashion dolls.

Who It’s For

The Project Runway Tapeffiti Fashion Design Challenge is for ages 8 and up. This kit will appeal to Project Runway fans and kids who like designing their own clothes.

What To Be Aware Of

You will also need scissors.

Sometimes the tapeffiti can be hard to cut using the tape dispensers and scissors. This can be frustrating as kids are trying to complete their creations.

This is not about competition as on Project Runway, but it does get kids imaginatively involved in the challenge as on the show.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy