Bugs and Bubbles Review (Little Bit Studio, LLC)

What It Is

You may have heard about a very popular app called Bugs and Buttons. Bugs and Bubbles is the next app in the series. Bugs and Bubbles includes 18 leveled games that give kids tons of early learning fun. Children work through multiple levels that adjust higher and lower based on how they answer. This keeps kids on their toes, and not getting frustrated with games that are too hard. Kids can play in free exploration mode moving between games they are interested in, or just press start and let the app take them through the games.

The games are broken up into three stages. Stage one has children playing with sorting, colors, counting, and patterns. Each game uses bubbles and bugs to get kids thinking about what's on the screen and what the app is asking them to tap or drag into place.

Stage two gets more difficult with strategy games that reinforce counting, matching, balancing, and following directions. Kids love the racing game. Tap, drag, and spin the controls on the bottom of the screen to have your bug get to the finish line first. Two balance games have you stacking shapes or tilting your smart device to keep the shapes from falling.

Stage three provides more strategy games, but adds in memory play, balancing, connect four, and letter tracing. The balance game is especially good for kids to use a scale to see how numbers can be made of smaller numbers. It's very easy to play and supportive for kids to playfully learn that the number 3 is also made up of adding 1 + 1 + 1.

Is It Fun?

In each game, kids have to think about the different ways they can play to get high scores. The play is not completely directed by the app, giving your child a chance to playfully experience early learning concepts in a flexible way.

Who It’s For

Bugs and Bubbles is recommended for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

After you download the app, check the settings where you can log in multiple children and choose from more than 10 different languages.

This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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