Matching Cards Review (Breek)

What It Is

Matching Cards is a memory game designed to get the whole family in on the play. Enter the app and choose from a variety of gameplay options. You can play by yourself or with up to four players around the iPad. Start easy with just 20 cards, or challenge yourself to a game with 30 or 40 cards. You can also customize your game by picking from four picture categories, including musical instruments, animals found on the farm, in the zoo, or under the sea.

Then press play to get started. Like traditional memory games, you want to find matching cards by turning over two cards at a time. In this app, cards remain facing up until you start on the next turn. This feature gives kids time to think and make sense of the cards they see displayed. If you find a matching pair, the cards automatically drop into your pile of matches, and you will hear a real recording of the sound each musical instrument or animal makes.

Is It Fun?

Overall, this is a nicely designed matching memory game for kids and families to use together. Playing memory with your child helps in the development of concentration and focus. It also doesn't hurt for parents to be using their active memory either.

Who It’s For

Matching Cards is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Matching Cards is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, or your Apple OSX computer.

Each of the picture cards used in Matching Cards are part of a series of vocabulary building apps that we also recommend for young children. It can be found in the Apple App Store.

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  • Matching Cards from Breek
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
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  • Available February 14, 2012