Wordsearch Review (Goliath Games)

What It Is

In Wordsearch, players race to find hidden words. There are 20 different puzzles included and each has 28–31 words to find. Choose one of the puzzles and place it onto the white wheel on the baseboard. The transparent playing board is placed on top, and then the green ring is placed on top of that. One player starts the game by turning the top of the game board clockwise to reveal the first word. Then all players begin searching for that word. The first player to find the word grabs the totem and squeezes it to announce that he has found the word. Then he places his markers on top of the letters that make up that word. Then, turn the game board to reveal the next word everyone needs to find. But, as play continues, if another player finds a word that uses a letter covered by an opponent's markers, that player can remove the opponent's word. The game continues until all the words have been found and the green starting space reappears. The person with the most markers on the board wins.

Wordsearch comes with a board, 10 double-sided game cards (20 games), 280 marking pieces (70 each of red, yellow, green, and blue), one totem, and instructions. The game is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Kids love the challenge of trying to beat each other to find the hidden words. It doesn't hurt that this is also a great way to help younger children with word recognition and spelling. Older kids and adults will love the competitive edge in the race to find the words first. We like that there's a little bit of a twist in that one player's word can be removed by another player's word.

Who It’s For

Wordsearch is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To make sure you don't lose any of the colored markers, make sure to store the pieces by color in the included plastic bags. There is storage for the totem under the playing board.

An expansion set with 20 different puzzles is also available and retails for about $14.95.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy