20-inch Mode 90 Boys’ Freestyle Bike Review (Pacific Cycle)

What It Is

The 20-inch Mode 90 Boys' Freestyle Bike is a single-speed bike that is ideal for beginning trick and basic neighborhood riding. The steel frame features an advanced design that makes it possible for more advanced and courageous riders to do stunts and tricks. The bike comes with four freestyle pegs that let kids grind and ride like a pro.

Is It Fun?

We were really impressed by the construction and the sturdiness of this bike, not to mention the great styling. This is going to be best for kids who are interested in learning tricks, beginning BMX riding, and short-distance riding. And it's a great value for kids just starting out.

Who It’s For

The 20-inch Mode 90 Boys' Freestyle Bike is for ages 8–12.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required, and we found it to be fast and easy. It will require a few tools that you probably have at home, such as pliers and a wrench.

Pay attention to the brake assembly instructions as you're assembling the bike. It's easy, but you'll want to loosen the cable on the rear calipers to connect the cables at the front. Then adjust to suit the specific child.

Be sure to wear all protective gear when riding. Adult supervision is required for young children.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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