Telestrations Review (USAopoly)

What It Is

Telestrations is the visual version of the classic Telephone game. You draw what you see, then guess what you saw. Before you begin playing, decide which side of the double-sided cards you want to use: "This Side" or "That Side." (There is no difference between the sides.) Each player takes a sketchbook, one marker, and one card. One player rolls the die to start the round. Match the number rolled to the word on your card, and secretly write it in your sketchbook.

If you have four, six, or eight players, everyone turns to page 1 of their sketchbooks and, in 60 seconds, secretly draws their word. When done, turn to page 2 of your sketchbook. Everyone passes their sketchbook to the player on their left. That player looks at the sketch on page 1 and must write what they think the sketch is on page 2. When done, turn to page 3 and pass the sketchbook to the player on your left. That player looks at the word on page 2 and has 60 seconds to sketch it on page 3. Everyone continues to sketch, pass, and guess until players get their own book back. Then it's time for the big reveal. Take turns flipping through and sharing the sketching and guessing outcomes.

If you have five or seven players, after turning to page 1 in your sketchbook, pass the book to the player on your left. That player secretly looks at your word and sketches it. The player to his or her left guesses what the sketch is, and so on until all players get back their own sketchbooks.

There are two ways to score. If you want to do Friendly Scoring, give 1 point to the player with your favorite sketch in your book, give 1 point to the player with your favorite guess in your book, and give yourself 1 point if the last guess matches the secret word. If you want to do Competitive Scoring, guessers earn 1 point if their guess matches the secret word or previous guess, sketchers earn 1 point if their sketch helps a guesser make a match, and you get 1 point if the last guess matches your secret word. The player with the most points after three rounds wins.

Telestrations comes with 142 double-sided cards (more than 1,700 words), eight erasable sketchbooks, eight Dry-Erase markers, eight clean-up cloths, a 60-second timer, and a die. The game is for four to eight players.

Is It Fun?

Telestrations is easy to learn and a lot of fun for kids and adults to play together. The game reminds us of Telephone meets Pictionary. You don't have to be a fantastic artist in order to play the game. In fact, part of the fun is seeing what silly sketches and guesses people came up with.

Who It’s For

Telestrations is for ages 12 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The more players you have, the more guesses and sketches you'll have, which makes the game really fun because you'll have a better chance of getting some seriously silly answers.

Make sure all sketchbook pages are completely erased and clean before storing them back inside the game box, otherwise pages may stick together and ink may stain the pages. Recap the markers after use. If a marker dries out, use any Dry-Erase marker to replace it.

Dry-Erase markers may stain fabrics and some surfaces. Protect your play area before use, and avoid contact with carpet, clothing, walls, and furniture. Keep away from eyes and skin.

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