Disney/Pixar’s Brave Merida Archery Set Review (The Disney Store)

What It Is

Fans of the red-headed heroine of Disney/Pixar's Brave will be right on target for medieval adventures with the Merida Archery Set. Inspired by the bow used by the skilled archer Merida, this set includes a bow, four arrows, and a quiver with an adjustable belt. The arrows feature suction cup tips for safe play. Grab your bow and an arrow and attach the notch on the arrow into the bow. Then pull back on the arrow, aim, and shoot.

Is It Fun?

Thanks to popular 2012 films such as Brave, archery is more popular then ever among kids. Kids will love pretending to be just like Merida with this archery set. This set is intended for everyday roleplay and also makes a great addition to a Merida Halloween costume.

Who It’s For

The Merida Archery Set is for Brave fans ages 3 and up.

This is for the younger end of the age spectrum. We found that it was very difficult to aim and shoot the arrows, so any kid who wants to engage in target practice is going to be frustrated with this toy. It's going to appeal most to kids who want to use it as a prop in their pretend play.

What To Be Aware Of

The Merida Archery Set is available at Disney Store and DisneyStore.com.

Even though the arrows have suction cup tips, make sure you're not aiming the arrows at people's eyes or faces and animals.

As noted, the set does not work well for shooting at targets. The arrow is unpredictable once it's been released, and it's hard for kids to make it work like a real bow and arrow set.

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