Color Rox Hair Chox Review (Fashion Angels)

Color Rox Hair Chox
What It Is

The Color Rox Hair Chox kit lets kids add temporary color to their hair. The kit includes five temporary hair "chox" colors in easy-to-grip holders so your hands don't get messy. Simply run the Hair Chox stick through your hair. Color just the tips of your hair or create ultra-bold streaks. The color will wash out with your next shampoo. There are also beads, hair rubber bands, and a styling tool to add colorful beads to your colorful hair.

Is It Fun?

It takes a lot of work to get the color to transfer to the hair, and that may frustrate many girls. On light blonde hair, the color showed up well, but it took five minutes of chalking dark hair for even a hint of color to appear.

Who It’s For

Color Rox Hair Chox is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

We tested this on every girl on our team and were disappointed with the results. Once the color does adhere to the hair, the hair feels very waxy. This takes a lot of time and skill, and if kids are disappointed in their results, it's a fairly big process to wash it out and start all over.

The instructions on how to put beads in your hair are very confusing. First, you thread a strand of hair through the loop of the threader tool. Then you slide beads onto the bottom of the threader tool and push the beads down and over the loop. This will cause the beads to end up in your hair. To remove the beads, just slide them out of your hair.

Hair chalk is washable with regular shampooing, although results may vary on different hair types. If you are concerned about color staining your hair or skin, test on a small section of your hair first. We did end up getting some of the Hair Chox on our hands, and it was hard to get it off.

The chalks contain colorants that may stain clothing, furniture, bedding, and other surfaces.

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